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Design , Supply, Install and Commission Replacement Fire Alarm System


The existing fire alarm system at 77 Talbot Street, needed to be replaced as it did not meet the latest standards set out in BS5839 and parts were failing on a system that was obsolete.


CBRE the facilities management team for Domestic and General called on TriMan to offer a solution to the replacement of the fire alarm system.


The system was designed as a BS5839 L4 Type System, and the installation programme was set at 6 weeks for completion, i.e. start November 2018 complete Mid December 2018.


The system installed is a Gent Vigilon Plus 3 Loop addressable fire alarm system, using S-Quad devices. As the site is predominately a call centre on most of the floors, the use of VADS was essential to ensure that all staff could see the fire alarm raised as well as hear the alarm tone. The system interfaces with third party equipment to release security doors, ground the passenger lift and switch off plant in the event of an evacuation.


The TriMan installation and commissioning team worked nights and outside normal working hours to achieve completion and handover within November 2018, 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

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