We are Independently audited every few months with continual improvement at the heart of everything we do!
LPS 1014
(Fire Alarm Systems)
(Security Systems)
ISO 9001 Quality Management/ ISO 14001 Environmental Management/ BS OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management
The Electrical
Contractors Association
Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme
The National Apprentice Association


ISO 9001


LPS1014 & BAFE SP201


ISO 14001




OHSAS 18001



We are committed to providing our customers with the highest possible service for Fire Alarm and Security products, in providing complete life safety solutions we utilise high quality products and services which allow us to achieve and exceed our customer requirements, expectations and satisfaction.​

To demonstrate that we have a robust and effective management system we routinely monitor and measure our targets & objectives, internal processes & paperwork, resource levels, the working practices of our subcontractors & suppliers.​

By adopting an ‘open style’ of management we have recognised that this enable us to have early identification of issues with corrective action measures resolved in a timely manner and by; promoting and encouraging team / individual working, complying with ISO 9001 allowed us to extend our technical accreditations to include LPS 1014 & NSI NACOSS Gold.​

Health & Safety

Our commitment to the well-being, health and safety of our staff, subcontractors and visitors engaged in our activities is of utmost importance and is an integral part in our vision for delivering operational excellence, client satisfaction and having pride in all that we do.   


We are committed to promoting and supporting a safe and trustworthy environment for all those involved or affected by our activities and encouraging participation from our staff and customers, by building these relationships it allows us to recognise that injury or ill health to those affected by our activities is not acceptable and by having an open and honest viewpoint  can help influence change in attitude and perception of those who’s viewpoint or lack of understanding can result in unsafe situations or circumstances. 


We actively strive through continuous improvement to enhance our business prospects, accreditations and safety performance and it is with focused management and interaction with our customers that will deliver the success of our business.


We are aware that some of our business activities have impacts on the environment (indirect or direct) and we are committed to ensuring that we work in a manner that is sympathetic to the environment, in order to conserve natural resources, reduce waste and prevent pollution to the land, water and air.


We also review our activities to identify which activities can be classed as ‘significant’ and have transferred these activities into aspects and impacts onto our risk register for continued reviewing and monitoring which allows us to demonstrate continual improvement.

By also complying with legal and other requirements, liaising with our interested parties (shareholders, employees, residents, contractors, suppliers, clients and enforcing agencies) we ensure that we meet our defined obligations.

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