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How Sen-Tri works

SEN-TRI, our own web-based monitoring solution, gives you remote instant access to your system information, providing an extra level of assurance and enhanced incident management.  Sen-Tri Cloud based remote monitoring solution to ensure compliance (including real time alert emails for fires and faults)

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Sen-Tri Portal

Sen-Tri replaces conventional paper log book and automates routine tasks

Sen-Tri Portal is split into 3 key areas – Event Log, Service & Weekly Testing

Real Time Notification by event type:

  • Pre Alarm

  • Fire

  • Fault

  • Validated Fire

  • Isolation

  • Disablement

Email alerts direct to your phone
Configurable Data

The System is completely configurable to meet your needs and allow your selected recipients to receive specific data (e.g. 'only fires' or only 'weekly test' signals).

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The Right People 

The Right Time

The Right Information

TriMan produces monthly reports for your system

Sen-Tri Portal Video

Event Log  

An infinite real time log of your system activity that can be filtered and exported as required.


  Provides percentage complete and detail relating to your system maintenance. Also with one click, you can list all the untested devices.

Weekly Testing

  Captures your weekly test and is an effective way of demonstrating compliance.  It will also highlight if the same device was used for the test over a 12 month period!

How Sen-Tri can help you
  • Real time notification to smart phone (recipients configurable)

  • Fire Safety Compliance

- Compliance with BS5839 / EN54 Service

- Compliance with Regulator Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

- Monthly Reports from TriMan to help identify & manage trends

  • Low Cost Solution

  • Provide Assurance

- Infinite log (unlike Fire panels) providing the ability to maintain a lifetime electronic log of their fire alarm systems and generate compliance reports

- Exportable data in standard formats (pdf/xls)

- Central storage for system config and drawings

  • Engineering performance improved by use of apps

  • Validate & Verify Maintenance Activities

How TriMan can help

  • Work with you to meet your Client Requirements

  • Be a one-stop shop to support FM

  • Proactively utilize Technology to:

- Adhere to QEHS

- Provide independent & auditable records

- Demonstrate reducing false activations Identify and manage trends

- Know exactly which devices have been tested and when

  • A platform for incident management and continual Service improvement; set up fire alert notification for the building manager to receive activations direct to phone and in real time!

Continual Service Improvement…

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