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This scheme is only for companies who already hold the LPCB/BRE LPS 1014 certification (Fire Detection and Alarm Systems) and wish to register with BAFE. You cannot register to this scheme without this certification.

BAFE is the independent third party registration body for the fire protection industry. BAFE develop schemes for UKAS accredited certification bodies to assess and approve companies to recognised standards. TriMan is BAFE accredited in the Design, Installation, Commissioning, Handover, Maintenance and Verification of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems.

BAFE training and certification allows TriMan Engineers to understand the applicable codes and standards, deliver proper designs and application of fire alarm systems and much more. As your systems grow more complex, you’ll have confidence knowing TriMan employees participate in programs requiring continuing professional development as well as the proactive engagement with leading Fire Systems manufacturers on the release of new technologies and products.

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